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Fault Injection

Power / VCC Glitch

Power glitch injection is a physical attack technique used to test and exploit vulnerabilities in electronic devices by causing controlled, temporary power disturbances. A VCC glitch, also known as a supply voltage glitch, is a specific type of power glitch attack targeting the voltage supply (VCC) of a microcontroller or integrated circuit (IC) in electronic devices.

Electromagnetic Fault

Electromagnetic Fault Injection is an advanced technique used in hardware security and testing, where electromagnetic pulses are used to induce faults in electronic devices



Clock Glitch

This technique involves momentarily disrupting or altering the clock signal of a device to induce errors or malfunctions in its operation.



pin2pwn: How to Root an Embedded Linux Box with a Sewing Needle - Brad Dixon - Carve Systems - DEFCON 24

In the case of an external SPI flash, it is possible for an attacker to short these pins :

SPI flash example

The MCU will not be able to get data from the external flash and then show a stacktrace, get a shell in the bootloader or worst a root shell on the embedded Linux.

Here is a practical example, putting a cable between MOSI and Chip Select :

SPI flash example