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Azure Services - Storage Blob

  • Blobs - *
  • File Services - *
  • Data Tables - *
  • Queues - *

Enumerate blobs

PS > . C:\Tools\MicroBurst\Misc\InvokeEnumerateAzureBlobs.ps1
PS > Invoke-EnumerateAzureBlobs -Base <SHORT DOMAIN> -OutputFile azureblobs.txt
Found Storage Account -

List and download blobs

PS Az> Get-AzResource
PS Az> Get-AzStorageAccount -name <NAME> -ResourceGroupName <NAME>
PS Az> Get-AzStorageContainer -Context (Get-AzStorageAccount -name <NAME> -ResourceGroupName <NAME>).context
PS Az> Get-AzStorageBlobContent -Container <NAME> -Context (Get-AzStorageAccount -name <NAME> -ResourceGroupName <NAME>).context -Blob

Retrieve exposed containers with public access

PS Az> (Get-AzStorageAccount | Get-AzStorageContainer).cloudBlobContainer | select Uri,@{n='PublicAccess';e={$_.Properties.PublicAccess}}


  • Use Storage Explorer
  • Click on Open Connect Dialog in the left menu.
  • Select Blob container.
  • On the Select Authentication Method page
    • Select Shared access signature (SAS) and click on Next
    • Copy the URL in Blob container SAS URL field.

⚠ You can also use subscription(username/password) to access storage resources such as blobs and files.