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Vulnerability Reports



Tools to help you collaborate and generate your reports.

List of penetration test reports and templates.

Vulnerability Report Structure

  • Executive Summary
  • Security Findings and Recommendations
  • Vulnerabilities (sorted by severity)
  • Appendix (optional)

Vulnerability Details Structure

  • Summary: a concise introduction to the vulnerability, providing a snapshot of the issue and its potential reach..
  • Impact: detailed insights into the potential business ramifications that could arise from exploiting this vulnerability.
  • Reproductions Steps: a comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough on how to replicate the issue,, complete with screenshots, HTTP requests or Proof of Concept code snippets.
  • Recommendations: suggestions and best practices for addressing and resolving the highlighted issue.
  • References: links to external content, documentation, and security guidelines, including resources like OWASP.
  • Severity: Include a severity score like CVSS.

General Guidelines

  • Use a Passive Voice Form.
  • Obfuscate the secrets: passwords, token, ...
  • Add caption to all figures and pictures.