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Azure Services - Microsoft Intune


#requires -modules Microsoft.Graph.Authentication
#requires -modules Microsoft.Graph.Intune
#requires -modules LAPS
#requires -modules ImportExcel

$DaysBack = 30
Get-IntuneManagedDevice -Filter "Platform eq 'Windows'" |
    Foreach-Object {Get-LapsAADPassword -DevicesIds $_.DisplayName} |
        Where-Object {$_.PasswordExpirationTime -lt (Get-Date).AddDays(-$DaysBack)} |
            Export-Excel -Path "c:\temp\lapsdata.xlsx" - ClearSheet -AutoSize -Show

Intunes Administration

Requirements: * Global Administrator or Intune Administrator Privilege : Get-AzureADGroup -Filter "DisplayName eq 'Intune Administrators'"

  1. Login into or use Pass-The-PRT
  2. Go to Devices -> All Devices to check devices enrolled to Intune
  3. Go to Scripts and click on Add for Windows 10.
  4. Add a Powershell script
  5. Specify Add all users and Add all devices in the Assignments page.

⚠ It will take up to one hour before you script is executed !